What worries you define who you are

What are you worrying today? What will you be worrying tomorrow? What were you worrying about yesterday? Where are you worrying at this very moment? What makes you sweat, stress you out and make you tick?

Worrying could be a negative thing but it’s also very good in measuring your quality of mind and the quality of your life.

If you are worrying about what people think of you? You worry about what friends might do to embarrass you or to outrun you? You are worrying about family issues or in-laws that annoys you? You worry about being bored? You worry about chasing girls or achieving more glamour? Each of these worries define your state of mind, your center of your core being and ultimately quality of life at this point of time that will create the outcomes of your life.

The trick is: you have to control what worries you. If you demand a higher level of quality in life, then you must block whatever worries you and focus on the right things that should worry you. Nothing should stress you out more than the primary goals that you have set into place.

If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring app developer, book writer, song composer, etc etc.. then the only thing that you should worry is shipping code and getting more users to use your product or app. Same goes to writing, composing, etc etc. At any moment of time when you are out at your workplace, home or at social events and you are worrying about other things other than your goal, then you are doing it wrong.

Just remember this:

The quality of your worries define who you are.

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