The app age:

Call it whatever but when you call our times as the app age, it would definitely sound very appropriate and this has been an unprecedented development in the area of science and technology. If you have a cell phone, it is like having all the information in your palm and who does not have a cell phone these days? Everyone needs it for it keeps you in touch with the society and humanity as a whole. The applications or apps as they are called for short have revolutionized the whole world and has brought in conveniences which in other ways are quite an ordeal to achieve. They are still growing and have brought total strangers together and have made families out of unknown people.

For the contact:

The application that we are discussing here is called as the dating app which has become sort of a hero amongst the other applications as it is well sought after for its versatile functioning. One can carry out long duration chatting with anyone around the world and can be sure to become friends or more than friends in their lives. The times of the match maker has been slowly going away and are replaced by these fast and efficient functions which save a lot of time and a ton of money. One can register for free without having to reveal your actual email address and this makes your privacy possible on the internet. Relationships made online are becoming more common and this has given rise to more and more people into the circle.

It is live!

When you contact the others it is done online and is a live conversation which does not break down in the middle to spoil the whole session. One can chat with the family, friends and relatives and also future relationships online. People can get to know more and more people and try to reach out to more people all over the world which was not possible a few decades ago. You can develop unlimited number of contacts and yet keep your confidential information safe and secure. The profiles of unlimited number of people can be seen and those who have visited the profile can also be made out easily for reasons of caution and safety and confidentiality.

Range of possibilities:

There are a lot of possibilities to take benefits from this app and it is for free and there is no danger of having to pay hidden charges. The distance at which the other person is present at the moment can be analysed with the help of the application, you can send as many messages as you want and they can be sent in a fraction of the time it used to be sent earlier. You can also check log of how many visitors you had on to your profile and also their contacts very easily and quickly. Since the application is updated on a regular interval, there is no case of the application going obsolete or old or boring to use.

New features:

It is essential to note down all the minute details of the application as it is upgraded regularly and the current version is called as 1.11 version which was updated so that more than five thousand to ten thousand downloads and installations have taken place recently alone. The size works out to be 2.4M, it requires an android instrument which is 4.0 and above, and it is rated for the age group of eighteen and above only. These features can be utilized at a very fast pace and you do not waste time waiting for the application to come to life once you switch the appliance. Your updated photograph can be added and displayed in the profile which gives the other person on the other end to have a look at the personality.


There are many happy people who have installed the application for its utility and versatility and they are quite pleased with the usage of it and they are looking forward to newer and updated versions as well in the future. When you have a very elaborately featured dating app, you have a person with you all the time.

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