Here’s My Shitty Article

A year ago I quit my well paying, comfortable job to create my own company. I founded Raindrop Cake® sparking an international food trend; I had no idea what I was doing. Despite that, I still managed to find some success and has afforded the entrepreneurial lifestyle I’ve always wanted.

Far be it for me to offer advice, because I still have a lot to learn. What I want to do is share what finally got me over the hump in hopes that it will help other people get over the same hump from idea to execution; so you can eventually quit your 9–5 job too.

Make a shitty thing.

That’s what I did to start Raindrop Cake and that’s the thinking that freed me from over analyzing and over planning syndrome. After work everyday I made a Raindrop Cake prototype and took notes. The first dozen or so were total shite. I don’t have culinary background and know nothing about starting a food company. It was all but guaranteed for me to make something shitty, but I committed to doing it because once I had a shitty thing, the idea became real, and I was actually taking action instead of thinking about it. My attention was focused on how to make it better and not the negative voices in my head of why this was a dumb idea.

To any aspiring entrepreneurs, the best thing I did was I made a shitty thing. I encourage you to make your shitty thing. If you need a hand I’m available to help you fuck that shit up.

The last few months I’ve had a goal of writing and putting out content about my experience. I hired a ghost writer. I wrote several drafts. I met with professional writers. Then I realized I wasn’t following my own advice. I spent too much time trying to write the perfect article. It’s still not finished and still sitting in my drafts folder. I may finish it someday, but in the mean time here’s my shitty version of that article.