Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

Wow, so much hostility (and denial) in these responses.

It is true that the powers that be have, for centuries, redirected the blame for poor and working class Americans economic woes at black people (initially to keep poor white citizen from allying themselves with black slaves against wealthy slaveowners) and later, any group considered “other.”

But fact is that this country was founded by white men who supported slavery (or, in some cases, reluctantly allowed slavery to be written into the founding documents in exchange for the necessary cooperation of the slave states in the whole process), weaving racism into the very fabric of our society, perhaps inextricably.

Ask any random individual Trump voter (aside from the KKK/neo-Nazi contingent) whether they approved of Trump’s racist rhetoric, and they would in all sincerity tell you that it did not.

But the fact that it was not an immediate deal breaker, that they did not back slowly out of the room in revulsion, speaks to the the fact that racism is part of this nation’s DNA. Ditto the inexcusable failure of the mainstream media to eviscerate Trump for every racist remark -- and past action -- as well as his xenophobic, sexist, fascistic rhetoric. Even had Clinton won, that would be the case.

Note that there is no outcry from those “non-racist” Trump voters over his appointment of an avowed white nationalist as his head strategist. The should be apoplectic. Appalled. And again, the MSM, by normalizing this travesty, betrays either their bias or their amorality.

The situation may be somewhat more complex than your brief essay suggests, your point cannot be repeated and emphasized often enough.