Sometimes life can throw us a curve ball,
Smashing our face as we stumble and fall.
These curve balls are painful and often leave scars.
Especially when our lover ends up behind bars.

How much do I love him?
We sit alone and wonder.
As outside rain pours followed by crashes of thunder.
Is he close enough to me to hear the same storm?
Maybe, but not close enough to keep me warm in his arms.

Poetry isn’t something I often can do.
It only happens now and then when an epiphany rings true.
Is perfection something your man has to have,
In order for you to walk the same path?

Of course you wouldn’t choose to love someone with issues.
But you don’t have a choice,
Let me get you some tissues.

Our perfect match is never perfect at all.
Sexy or handsome 
Whether he’s short or he’s tall.
Step back and take an objective point of view.
Sometimes your perspective will be different and new.

I know that anyone who is in this situation,
Is familiar with the justice system of our fine nation.
There are more people here in our prisons confined,
Than in any other country in the world combined!

The average, low income American male,
Has a sadly high chance of landing in jail.
I write this so others who live through this pain,
Can do so without the added burden of shame.

There are times in our lives when we say fuck it and act stupid,
Just before an arrow comes flying from cupid.
Now stuck paying for the things you have done,
Is that faithful girl whose heart you’ve just won.

I speak now to the one behind bars,
Straighten up and respect her.
She’s a gift from the stars.

Darrian Lynx

#crime #jail #prison #love