Sonnet to a Stone

I can’t relate to you, you can’t relate to me.
You are a neanderthal crawling on your knee.
I’m a Goddess. You? An insignificant pig.
Why I thought we could be? How stupid, it isn’t trig.

Stay within thine own species, how hard to follow?
It’s my own fault that I now feel so hollow.
I can’t be angry with you for being a bug.
In comparison to me. I’m sorry, need a hug?

Well too bad. I hug you, I squish you.
Don’t blame me. I can’t change what is true.
I think I’ll consider this officially over.
Unless I want to continue dating Rover.

I can’t imagine now what had me possessed.
I was distracted. I must have been stressed.
As you can tell, I’m horrible at poetry.
But your lack of intellect.. it just came over me.

I’d prefer to write an epic novel.
Become famous, then make you grovel.
Yet merely due to your insufferable idiocy
Yeah, I went there. I got a little risky.

I apologize to anyone who reads this drivel. 
Consider it, regarding him? My only scribble.
And then I implore you young maid and mister.
Even if you have to kiss your own sister.

Do not show your heart to those below you.
There is no possibility that they might know you.
Keep looking til the day you die.
For that ideal girl, that perfect guy.

Trust me. Being all alone..
Sure beats the hell out of trying to reason with a stone.

Darrian Lynx

#poetry #breakup #love