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by darrick shooting

The hazard of air pollution is not the only major environmental hazards that the residence of this big city of over twenty million people are battling with, another environmental monster is sound or noise pollution that this city with nearly five million cars is battling with.

From round the clock noise of cars and trucks roaming the streets to the noise coming from thousands of construction sites and that of street vendors some with their loud natural voices and others with big loudspeakers calling for customers attention , the Beijing noise pollution is something that is becoming unbearable not only to the millions of it’s residence but also the authorities who have been trying different steps to reduce it.

According to Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau’s Head , Wang Chunlin , the city is growing and developing daily, as such increasing sound pollution becomes a more and more serious issue that affects all parts of life.

While city residence are taking their own steps to reduce the effects of sound pollution by paying for installation of sound insulating windows. “my house is by the third ring roads , one of the busiest ring roads in the city and my bedroom window is facing the street. As such I had no option but to pay for the sound insulating windows, otherwise nobody can sleep in my family” said Cheng Li Ming a 55 year old Beijing residence.

According to the Beijing Traffic Control Office, the increasing number of vehicles from 2010 to this year 2015 an average of 200 new vehicles joins the ones in the street daily and that triggers the noise pollution from around to 1 to 2.3 decibels across the city. Commenting on the issue of restriction of certain machines and engines from being use in the city or limiting their usage , Mr. Wang said that cars which are caught breaking the sound limits may be prohibited from driving, a measure which according to him “has no international precedence”.

“We do get people coming to the ENT section of this hospital on daily basis, and most of them came with a complain of hearing problem , after a thorough examination we realized that the noise pollution in the city is contributing almost 45 -55 percent of hearing problem especially among construction and industrial workers and those whose residences are by the main roads” said Dr Li Shou Ming an ENT expert from the DONG DANG private clinic who has been in the job for over 22 years.

You don’t need to go out in the street to face this thing call noise pollution, is something that if you have a an inconsiderate neighbor you need also to struggle with it said Lisa wang , a newspaper and magazine vendor with her stand opposite a giant construction site. “ BANG! GONGG! GONG!! GONG! Is the sound you hear from the hammers of people that just moved in to their new houses. Some of them don’t even care when to start or stop the repairs or decoration of their new houses causing too much noise and making it difficult for neighbors to sleep.

A visit from crowded markets to small shops in narrow streets and to few minutes walk in the any of the ring roads that circled the city will no doubt requires the use ear plugs for those who care. But whatever the case is, authorities and members of the public need to combine their efforts in dealing with this monster called sound pollution before it become uncontrollable.

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