NodeXchange — A Reverse-Proxy/Load — Balancer for Node.js

We are proud to announce the unveiling our new NPM module — NodeXchange.

You’re a Node.js developer, with a server collection full of Node instances for your application and scalability is your biggest consideration. Whether you have yet to launch or your application is already in the market, you’re constantly hunting for more scalable solutions to ensure the integrity of your backend setup.

Solutions exist in the market, but none are in the language you know and love — JavaScript. Many of them require extensive documentation and research into proper configuration to set them up exactly as you want, creating a large ramp-up time to getting these solutions off-the-ground.

Enter NodeXchange — a full-featured, load-balancing & scaling-solution written by Node.js developers for Node.js developers.

Simply include the NodeXchange NPM package in your application, run a few of methods, and you can begin directing traffic through a reverse-proxy server to your application servers in your backend server collection.

NodeXchange provides the numerous features of an enterprise-level scaling solution, while containing it all within a lightweight Node instance. Here are some examples of the features provided in the library:

  • Local caching on the reverse-proxy with scheduled cache resets to clear out stale content and replace with fresh content
  • WebSocket routing with optional pooling for applications requiring grouped socket connections
  • Hybrid load-balancing algorithm that ensures proper distribution of requests based on concurrent and overall request volume
  • A health checking system that constantly monitors the health of your application servers and properly routes requests only to servers that can resolve them & communicates directly with an error logging system to provide you messages on what occurred with your servers
  • Node Cluster module auxiliary feature for multi-thread setup on application servers to handle a greater volume of synchronous requests
  • Redis auxiliary feature for a quick, distributed session solution for simple applications

We believe Nodexchange will make a huge difference in the Node.js community and we hope you agree. If you’re a Node.js developer, if you know Node.js developers, or if you’re just an engineer that enjoys trying out new technology — install our package and tell us what you think. If you love it, spread the word about our library and we welcome any contributors!