The Millennials Are Coming

Let’s start off by defining what “Corporate America” means to millennials. A boring 8 hour job with a busted cubicle equipped with a computer, phone, and a dented gray file cabinet. The best part being the 30 minute break that you turn into an hour, leaving and coming the opposite way of your manager’s office. Happiness with this place lasts only a few months, once you realize your hiring manager “played” you in your interview, telling half truths while leading you down an impossible path of beliefs. “The opportunity for growth is great here,” is the most common lie most hiring managers tell. They always seem to leave out the fact that you’re a spot-filler to help improve their turnover numbers. They also forget to tell you that advancing to management is nearly impossible, unless you dive deep into the political game and find a way to rub elbows with the directors. That’s nearly impossible because millennials don’t speak the same language as “Corporate America” upper management. Process, structure, safe, and other boring rituals is the language they speak. As for millennials, let’s try creative, spontaneous, and risky is the language we speak. Yes, my bias is apparent, however, I give credit to the corporate world because there’s a lot of good that comes with it, but the bad is rapidly increasing.

Millennials grow up being taught that finding a “good job” to provide for their family is the ultimate life achievement, which is something I agree with. The reason I pointed that out is because I’d like highlight what is considered a “good job.” Generation X individuals are fixated on the thought that a steady working corporate job is the best way to live the American Dream. It looks like their version of the American Dream is a bit outdated. Having a comfortable life filled with happiness doesn't appear the same as it did 10–20 years ago. The new age is filled with endless strategies and possibilities to make a fortune. Being flashy and creating an admirable lifestyle that can be visualized on social media, filled with nice cars, clothes, and adventures is what the American Dream has become. Think about millennials at the dinner table, they are so quick to pull their phone out and post a photo of the delicious meal they are about to eat, from an upscale eating establishment. If you go follow a millennial’s Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram, you’re likely to see cars, outfits, food, and a ton of partying. With that being said, millennials are gravitating toward work environments that correlates with their creative way of thinking and spontaneous actions.

“Corporate America” is missing out on all the talent that could potentially launch their businesses into a new stratosphere. The funny thing about all of this is companies have these millennials working for them already. The problem is the utilization of these individuals is limited to what the ordinary corporate job entails. In other words, corporate jobs rely on what’s worked in the past and doesn’t like deviating from their norms. This creates a roadblock for new ideas and other ways to innovate business, which is the strength of millennials.

I like to compare this to sports because I’m a sports fanatic of course. Imagine how boring basketball would’ve been if they didn’t change some of the rules to their game. Imagine if the NBA hadn’t incorporated the 3 point line, we may not have seen Stephen Curry (NBA 2-time MVP)implement his long range shooting. Look at combat sports for example, boxing was one of the top sports in the world. Since boxing’s extreme decrease in viewership, Mixed Martial Arts has stepped into the forefront of combat sports. Instead of just throwing punches, people are now allowed to kick, grapple and wrestle which has brought an entire different perspective to combat sports. The same goes for millennials and “Corporate America,” innovation and change is what will push companies forward, not the same customs from the 1990s.

As time goes on, we are beginning to see new companies invite the new wave of thinking. Social Media management companies are becoming normal in a number of big cities. Other marketing firms and do-it-all businesses are embracing the change to our culture. The famous entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk has mastered the new age model of how business is being run. He preaches creativity and invites all ideas that make sense, more than anything, his connection with the people through social media platforms tremendously supports his business success. I believe that we will see more entrepreneurs and business owners master his craft and begin running their business similar to what he’s doing now. This will make things better for our generation. The great thing about ‘Gary Vee’ is, by the time everyone figures it out, he will be onto something else. He’s constantly engineering new practices and strategies for longevity purposes and overall business growth.

This may or may not sound like a complaining millennial with a solid “Corporate America” job, tired of the same routine. However, I think it sounds like a truth people at the top of “Corporate America” haven’t come to terms with. Genuine people in the corporate world are hard to come by, mainly because everyone has to put on a fake political hat to get what they want. Being yourself, expressing yourself, and being different is what millennials are influencing our world with. There are many naysayers but the inevitable will happen in due time. Some will trash this post because they’re the ones wearing that political hat. My response to them is “Time is running out, millennials are coming.”