Ok wait…
A Ennis

I found this comment to be full of details and emotion. It’s clear that you are concerned. Concern though does not justify appeals to ignorance. In this case, your comment lacks the one straightforward key to it being truly motivating. Correlation is not causation.

You point out that:

Fatal birth defects have risen too. Autism rates . Genital birth defects in boys have risen 122%.
Breast cancer rates have gone up more than 30 percent in both men and women under the age of 35, since 1980. Rates of asthma have increased by 80 percent in the last 45 years, and ADHD has increased by 53 percent.

Yes, all of those could very well be true. Not once did you actually point to any evidence that GMOs cause these effects. Given your approach, I could argue that I know the real culprit: in 100% of these cases, there is one factor that’s prevalent. It’s called oxygen. Yes, indeed, every person with cancer has breathed oxygen. However, that does mean that oxygen causes cancer. So, unless you can actually cite specific evidence that demonstrates causation, your argument could be nothing more than reporting bias…that is, we are aware of something, so suddenly we see it everywhere.

Also, asbestos has nothing to do with GMOs. Its inclusion in your comment demonstrates a lack of clarity and an appeal (again) to correlation. If you really maintained the same level of concern in other aspects of your life, you’d be concerned about angels battling demons, Grays fighting with the Saurians over control of Earth, and other ideas that have demonstrable basis in fact.

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