Error Causes “Confusion” for Teen Reluctant to Take Out the Garbage

LAIRD, SK — A teenage boy was startled this past weekend, when an attempt at honesty and helpfulness went unappreciated.

Henry Shaw, 14, was fixing his favourite breakfast on Saturday morning when his father, Jordan Shaw, 42, was on his way to work, having grabbed his briefcase and a bagged lunch which he’d prepared the previous evening. Henry had throughly mixed his Froot Loops and French Toast Crunch — by hand — and was ready to add the milk, when his father asked him something that completely caught him off-guard:

“Do you mind taking out the garbage today?”

Henry replied that he did, indeed, mind taking out the garbage.

According to Henry, he truly believed his father had stepped out of the house, as he’d heard the familiar close of the front door. It wasn’t until he had grabbed the milk, when his father announced his continued presence by looming behind the refridgerator door just as Henry was closing it. Henry was startled; the milk remained unharmed.

Henry describes his father’s attitude in the moment as “confused and angry,” as he demanded clarification of Henry’s response regarding the garbage. Henry reportedly recounted the events to his father — confused himself, as the event had taken place just seconds prior to the interrogation.

Henry’s father’s mood reportedly worsened, as he informed Henry that his question about the garbage was “rhetorical,” and more of a request. Henry, having recently learned what a rhetorical question is in his eighth-grade English class, enlightened his father on his error, and even suggested a few corrections.

Henry’s father then very clearly demanded Henry take out the garbage, and left for work.

When asked about his reluctance toward the garbage, Henry claims that he had been the one to take out the garbage the last time. He also claims that he had plans to go over to his friend, Robbie’s, place and take turns playing Grand Theft Auto V, because Robbie had only one X Box controller. He admitted that he’d still be able to make it to Robbie’s place, but that he’d be “like twenty-five minutes late,” citing the amount of time estimated to take out the garbage.

Henry reportedly did take out the garbage that afternoon, and after a chat with his parents, will be taking out the garbage every day until he graduates high school.