Apple and the EU
Jan Dawson

Jan, you state that…

“Apple has acted in good faith throughout, working with the Irish authorities to secure “comfort letters” assuring the company that its behavior was appropriate and conformed to applicable laws regulations in place at the time.”

But this is the crux of the entire thing. How do you know that Apple (and Ireland) acted in good faith and conformed to the law? The EU clearly believes they didn’t…

It’s also not about tax per se, but about unfair competitive advantage. The EU is alleging that Apple got a special deal not available to other companies operating in the same jurisdiction.

Also, on the issue of tax avoidance, they are clearly avoiding US tax by delaying the repatriation of revenue back to the US. They should be paying the tax rate applicable at the time the revenue was accrued, not waiting some indeterminate time til those rates drop. Sure, it may be legal, but it’s still tax avoidance all the same. It’s the equivalent of me or you refusing to pay income tax until such time that the govt drops the income tax rate.

Besides which, Apple’s statements on that matter sound to me a little like attempting to blackmail the US government — “we will not pay you a dime until you do what we want”.

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