Dynamic Search Ads will Boost Your Advertising Power

Dynamic Search Ads your advertising dollar will go a lot farther. Just adding corresponding keywords to your accounts will not draw in the traffic the same as DSAs.

Companies who do advertise their products on search will defiantly benefit from using DSAs. The website itself should be the center for the Dynamic Search Ads. Not all websites are suitable for DSAs, but all businesses are a good fit. Dynamic Search Ads have three main practices: Content, information accuracy and call to action.


Google looks at your content to figure out the landing pages position. They look at ad copy and keywords in your website in real-time. You will want to put extremely strong content in your website to show the strength of your company. Part of your content should cover good descriptions of your product or the services you provide. Visual aids are good, but a strong written page will help your customer to make a decision.

Go into detail about your product or service. Give the reader the measurements, piece counts, dimensions and any other pertinent information. If the customer can get plenty of information when reading your content, then so can Google.


Buzzwords may do more harm than good in your website. They are fine if you want a customer to fill out a form to get them to a landing page. DSAs are not used just for landing pages. They are used for choosing the ad copy that the user sees and for which queries you map. Weird buzzwords can be of no use to your customers and lead to unexpected ad copy and search queries.

Images as Text Do Not Work

Customers may prefer to sum up what you are advertising in a picture but Dynamic Search Ads cannot distinguish a useless image from a worthwhile image on the page. If your company is relying on an excess of images to get your point across then DSA may not be a good fit.


Once you know your company’s website has the proper content for Dynamic Search Ads to function, you will need to check that the content is up to date. When customers are looking at your website they want to be assured that they can get that product or service that is offered.

Straightforward practices for e-commerce stores:

  • Your site should reflect the product inventory that is actually available
  • Make sure prices, discounts and shipping rates are correct and up to date
  • Sold Out items should be clearly marked

Sold Out should be displayed on the item page and the Add to Cart should not be available to customers for that item.

For the majority of lead generation businesses their website is not alive. In other words, they do not have constant changes being made to their website due to customer purchases. The website of a lead generation business can go a long time without having changes to be made. These companies need to make sure that the information is correct on the website so they are not misleading customers.

Call To action

A well-optimized landing page needs a clear call to action that is strong. You want your customers to come to your page, fill out the forms and buy. A major factor for using Dynamic Search Ads is to have an accurate call to action.