Bellamy Inspires Goals and Resolutions Updates — Feb


· Traveled to NY, MN, and IN for speaking engagements.

· Completion of WUC Student Workbook

· Hired and worked out with trainer regularly, as well as cut back on certain food items

· I’ve been very organized in keeping up with receipts and filing them after trips and business expenses.

· Sent out 1st ever email newsletter as well as some other correspondence

· Grew my email list from 30 to 230!

· Coaching Clients goal almost reached!

· Connected with some exceptional individuals/friends through lunches and dinners.

Areas for Improvement

· Will to journal and complete at least one YouTube video a week to not get behind on 52 per year goal.

· Will watch food intake as I started getting off track towards the end of the month. To conquer the six pack diet is essential.

· Need to set some bigger goals, as I don’t find myself as excited as excited every day. I’m always asking myself, am I thinking big enough, am I challenging myself?

1. Write, publish and promote my 2nd book by Aug 31st

2. Create a Waking Up Chase Student Workbook/Journal by Jan 31st

Result: Completed

3. Coach at least 5 individuals by Dec. 31st through Coaching Program.

Result: In Progress, 5 Active, but 1st session not completed by all as of yet.

4. Publish at least 3 books through Bellamy Inspires Publishing, LLC by Dec 30th

Result: One in the works

5. Co-write/Create the Waking Up Chase Instructors Guide by Jun 30th

Result: No Progress yet

6. Record Waking Up Chase audiobook before March 31st

Result: Scheduled for Month of March.

7. Increase my social media following organically to the following by Dec 31st:

8. -Instagram: 20k Followers

Result: Currently at 9,910, I didn’t count at the end of December to see where I started.

9. -Facebook: 1k Page likes

Result: Currently at 403, I didn’t count at the end of December to see where I started.

10. -YouTube: 500 subscribers

Result: +11/Total=300

11. Build my email list to at least 1k subscribers by Dec 31st

Result: Started month with 30 subscribers, ended month with 230, a +200 increase

12. Send out at least one newsletter a month to my email list by Dec 31st

Result: In progress, the first newsletter was sent on Jan.31[G14] [G15] st, 2017.

13. Record and post at least 52 YouTube Videos/blogs by Dec 31st

Result: Recorded five videos and used on Instagram, three uploaded to YouTube. Need to ensure I’m uploading to YouTube every time. 4 behind.

14. Join the CLT City Club by May 30th

Result: In progress, the conversation has started, but haven’t pulled the plug as of yet.

15. Create organized processes for all my main tasks by June 30

Result: No progress as of yet.

Health & Fitness

1. Six-pack abs by May 31st

Result: In Process, hired a trainer and have been working out 2–4 times a week while watching carb intake, etc. I still have a lot of work to do on this.

2. Complete one 30 day No Beef/No Pork Cleanse by Sept 30th

Result: Scheduled for February.

3. Complete a 7-day Detox by June 30th

Result: No Progress yet

4. Complete a 30-day water only Challenge at least 2x by Dec 31st

Result: No Progress yet

Personal Development, Social, and Lifestyle

1. Read/listen to at least 15 books before Dec 31st

Result: In Progress, reading 2–3 different books but none completed.

2. Travel to Greece in the summer of 2017

Result: Trip has been scheduled for over a year, the only thing left is to pay travel insurance through the tour company. [G34] [G35] [G36] [G37]

3. Attend one Silent Mediation Retreat in Asheville by Dec 31st

Result: No Progress yet

4. Complete my morning ritual at least 5 days a week by Dec 31st

Result: Doing well with getting up and heading to the gym, but need to improve on the routine before going to the gym.[G38] [G39] [G40] [G41] [G42]

5. Journal at least 24 times via the Day 1 Journaling app by Dec 31st

Result: No Progress yet

6. Design and set-up home office/guest room by Dec 31st

Result: No Progress yet

7. Attend at least one self-development conference by Dec.31st

Result: In Progress, looking at Tony Robbins Date with Destiny, Donald Miller’s Story Brand or New Peaks, Train the Trainer.

8. Host at least 2 social/networking events before Dec 31st

Result: No Progress yet

9. Have an intentional dinner/lunch with at least 1 friend at least once a month before Dec 31st

Result: In Progress: 2 meals completed