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Interesting how so many take issue with Trump as a sexual predator here (allegedly) when there is endorsement of same-sex bathrooms by many of the people who voted Hillary. It is interesting how those same people talk about how hateful the right is when anyone who disagrees with the left is beaten, demonized, fired from their jobs, ostracized even though we are in favor of the unborn and helping people by allowing them the skills they need to take care of themselves instead of nursing on the taxpayer teat. We have some people who were lifelong friends who refused to talk to us after the election but proudly wore their Obama buttons after he won (twice) and we said nothing about it because regardless of the outcome, the president was still the president whether I voted for him or liked him or not. We did not commit civil disobedience or try to get election results reversed because we thought half the country were morons. Because at the end of the day it is the one-on-one human relationships that matter, not politics. If we allow election outcomes to come between us then we are as divided as we are right now. The only hope there is are if people can find some common ground to come together on and work to solve those types of problems as a way to work together in the future. The problem is, people may agree on the outcome but not the road to get there.

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