How To Become A Poet
Mike Essig

“Second, my method is actually a non-method.”

I have to admit, your description seems to mirror my own experience. I won’t claim greatness as a poet (or even “goodness”) but I’ve been fortunate to have several pieces published.

Like you I am a voracious reader. I have loved reading since I was a kid: almost anything and everything. I learned to at least be able to identify good writing when I read it.

I wrote my first decent poem when I was a Junior in high school in the 70s after reading a poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson (it wasn’t even related to his piece…it just pushed me).

Later on in the 80s I stumbled onto Joy Harjo and thoroughly loved her work — then Wendell Berry, Seamus Haney and on and on.

I tell those who want to write poetry to first off READ poetry! Discover what good poetry reads, looks, feels like.

Thanks for sharing. It is an affirming piece!

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