Back Breaking

I’ve always believed, that if you going to compete, compete to win. Playing ‘just for fun’ doesn’t really work for me. I’m competitive.

Sometimes winning comes at a price.

Yesterday I went to a 50th birthday party, where the theme was ‘Festa de Junina’. This basically entailed a small town farm vibe and horrendously awkward fashion choices. Nonetheless, since this was my first venture into this Brazilian cultural party I decided to enter the sack race when the hostess specifically invited me to enter.

I killed it. I wiped those locals up and down the track.


In my haste to win and be the best (which I was) I seemed to have done something to my lower back. This morning that slightly painful injury required some more professional attention. And now I have earned myself a day off tomorrow and some medical bills.

Moral of the story: Winning at all costs may not be truly winning.