Design has changed, but the tools have not.

Why we need better design tools.

To borrow a phrase, software is eating the world.

It’s all around us, in every nook and cranny of our lives.

Every company is a software company.

And all software must be designed.

What does this mean for product design?

Design will continue to tell us how it looks and how it works.

But the new value of design is in helping software teams talk to each other.

It’s a lingua franca for multi-functional teams creating complex products.

Design is how we collectively explore, discuss, and agree on complex ideas.

Design in the common language of software.

This places new demands on design tools.

We need to reshape our tools or they will continue to misshape us.

We need tools that embrace interactivity and motion.

We need tools that help us collaborate, share, and discuss.

We need tools that challenge us to explore and discover.

Design has changed, but the tools have not.

That’s something we hope to change.