Hillary’s Email Explanation Sucks

Im just saying…Does Hillary Clinton think we a so gullible to believe her email explanation. Are you kidding me? She says it wasn’t classified when she sent or received emails. Hummm. Let’s see, she is the Secretary of State, not Secretary of Agriculture. Last time I looked into it that’s all the Department of State does is classified work. Ok, well not ALL but certainly that department ranks right up there with the Defense Department in terms of handling classified information.

Let’s say Madam Secretary Clinton has a Neurologist who slaps her in the face as hard as they can, then the Neurologist says, “Ops, I didn’t know the smack would hurt you till you said ouch.” That’s how ridiculous she sounds but that’s exactly what Hillary has done. Smacked us in the face and said “ops.” Call me crazy but I would think a Secretary of State would know when they are reading something that is classified or at the very least potentially classified. If you can’t do that as Secretary of State then what good are you?

O yeah, that’s right….She wasn’t that good as Secretary of State. No wonder, she can’t even tell classified information from non-classified information. She needs someone to tell her what’s classified, really. Ok Hillary, we will go along with that. So now that begs the question. Since you can’t figure it out for yourself; will you just be a puppet president for the big banks, large domestic and foreign donors to The Clinton Foundation or even more likely a Bill Clinton 3rd term? After all you have already taken all the money and admitted that you will allow Bill to whisper sweet political nothings in your ear in the Lincoln bedroom. We understand it starts at the kitchen table as you really said but we all know the Lincoln bedroom is used to make the magic happen.

I love Bill and like Hillary a lot but c’mon man. Nobody is buying your story about the email. None of it makes sense from why you set it up in the first place to you didn’t know so many of the emails were classified. Like so many who have risen to your position leaders are held accountable for their actions. If you didn’t know it was wrong or classified you should have known. The fact that you say you didn’t know doesn’t excuse you. It condemns you!