The Election Is Not Rigged.

The Election Process in this Country is not the issue here. What should concern us all is the misinformation that get’s more attention, then the actual truth to the matter. In many Elections in the past we could have pulled the rigged card, but all concerned decided that the Country would be better served by letting things play out. The problem in 2016 some States have Politicians who put in place laws that restrict the rights of their Citizens to Vote, then turn around and claim Voter Fraud. The fine line drawn here is called Election Fraud, that’s when you have policies that guarantee victories for a Political Party who has the most power. And with that power they vote for laws that benefit them, not us. What’s scary is in some cases they don’t even need our input, because they meet in secret. Those behind close door meetings taking place can either make things better, or worse for the American Voter. We have to open our eyes to better our chances of having a Government that works for all of us. Democracy is the bedrock of this Nation, and when we see our leaders willing to circumvent that, we should call them out before it’s too late to do anything about it.

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