The sample repository to accomplish this tutorial can be found at

The following guide will show you how to get started developing an application to capture barcode data on Zebra mobile computers using Zebra’s DataWedge tool. There is extensive documentation on DataWedge available on the Techdocs page, most of which will not be covered by this guide, including the profile mechanism and available plugins.

DataWedge is a service that exists on all Zebra mobile computers that controls the scanner (or other data capture hardware such as RFID) enabling your application to interact with the hardware in a very straightforward…

I am working on a separate project to understand what sort of traffic is going back and forth between Android devices and Google’s servers. That is still a work in progress but I thought it worth documenting the test methodology here, though I won’t be including any results just yet.

I am drawing heavily on this blog written about 5 years ago: that goes into detail on how to intercept and decrypt SSL communications between an Android phone and a 3rd party server in general, it’s a great…

It is no secret that Android provides a highly customizable WebView control to render HTML with a native application and many apps do this to a greater or lesser degree to display web content within their apps.

It is not too much of a leap to ask ‘can I build my own browser’ using theWebView control and unsurprisingly, yes, you can but the bigger question is why anybody would want to — with Chrome, Edge, Opera and Chromium we have enough browsers based on the Chromium rendering engine that we do not want another fully-featured browser.

There is a niche…

Android Pie was released back in August 2018 and one of the exciting new features was native support for Indoor positioning with Wi-Fi RTT, also known as 802.11mc. Google also subsequently released a development guide for “ranging with RTT” as well as a sample app (now moved to here) and an image showing an example use case in an office. All very exciting stuff but I didn’t have much time to investigate further when it first launched.

Flash forward to today and I am hearing more and more interest in Wi-Fi RTT so I finally found some time to properly…


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