Missing Bapu

68 years ago the world witnessed a moment of deep collective sorrow as the newly born Indian nation mourned the loss of the Father of their nation — Mahatma Gandhi. A moment that history will so ironically restate for generations to come when they read the apostle of nonviolence was murdered in cold blood.

The anguish for every Indian believing in India’s founding ethos of egalitarianism and pluralism will always be real and fresh on this day. The nation lost its greatest symbol. But much much more than that it lost a part of its soul. The same forces that took the Mahatma’s life still persist to divide, oppress and deny the nation that wider path it needs to fully pursue its potential. So, in some sense the Mahatma’s envisioned swaraj and freedom are still aspirations.

But today we don’t just remember Gandhi. We remember the scores that selflessly sacrificed themselves so a better, greater and more humane nation may emerge. To all those martyrs our deepest gratitude and salute.


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