An open letter from Ted Turner: Join me to stand with the UN
United Nations Foundation


Glad for clear aim; regarding how to remove poverty; hunger; America;s progress as well World;s progress. How to start and where to stop is shown by Mahatma Gandhi for above subject. Please refer website as per ideology we have to plan among 10 village; in this village we will create job opportunity; technical knowledge; parliamentary knowledge; sports center; library; as well self income sources so this villages will be independent for their own expenditure . within one year it will be completed and we will go another 10 villages; thus within 5 years we can completed the state villages. This all villages will administrate their own villages; so they can feel democracy. The America has to give loan without interest to this N.G.O. and against this loan America has to provide technology; so America will get market and and will able to remove poverty; hunger etc. If you have any question ; you may ask.

Darshanchandra Pathak Patrhak. 2/19/2017