Citizens, First

Sir; let us know the definition of democracy. by the people; to the people ; for the people. Government means elected members + employee. When person elected ; then He believe that He can do anything; no law is applicable to him . He reflect his personal view on the banner of Government. Thus Court. The Judge is reflect His on banner of court that “ court will not wait for you. Save the time of court. “ But Judge is not willing to give judgement early. Thus every one think on the banner of their authority; no one is thinking through eye of people. Every one want to be a boss of people. One police officer can file any article of law in FIR; whether it is applicable or not.

At present the authority and duty is divided. authority without liability is on the site of Elected Members and Employee; and liability without without authority is on the site of people. Due to this system democracy is failed .

generally it found hat Elected Members are rich; and able to pull on their life; though they are getting remuneration and other facility. and even life time big pension. Why? Are they poor? Are the owner of the country? Are they above the people? This all elected Members are above the law. All law applicable to people not to elected members. generally they are for five years and maximum for ten years. They are earning by scandal though they are rich. and though are getting pension. Why? Why tax are not less?

If you want to save democracy and want to less the tax; then people have stop this system. Otherwise more one thousand years you will debate on save of democracy ; we can’t change. Why people are not feeling democracy? This all people elected members are working for party on the banner of Government not for people. elected members are faithful to the party not to people.