How I Realized This Unequal World and Determined to Fight against
Mei-Ling Lu

Sir; Sex is part of life; sex is not life. As far as grownup of girls is well awareness by parents that you are for husband; try to full fill is desire; by mentally and physically. Love him ; may he will not love you; he has no alternative after getting child. Thus in India girls learn this ideology from child hood. Never think about divorce. This is not the custom in family. To satisfy the husband in sex is symbol of love. without sex you will not get child. To enjoy the sex before marriage is sin. Husband is the owner of your soul and body. To love husband is worship. Thus in India sex is part of life so less problem arise in marriage life. freedom of sex is not allowed by society before marriage. It applicable to both; girls and boys . This system is part of culture. and base of joint family. in joint family; members are share their joy and pain both to gather .