Am I in a safe country? Have I taken a right decision to stay away from home? Can I be independent with the thought that I am not safe?

And you must be wondering why someone can have so many negative thoughts. What is wrong with this girl. But I just want to share a small incidence that happened with me today which left me perplexed.

Parents think there children are safe but are we really?

I was walking down the road and not taking anyone’s else space. Walking lost in my thoughts, trying to explore new places, in a happy mood. No nobody touched me or shouted something bad but 3 boys in a big white car came and threw a water balloon on me. Yes it did hurt me. Both physically and mentally. Now you must be thinking what pleasure they got from it. I guess they just wanted me to shout. Now tell me are we girls safe. Today it is just a water balloon and since a festival of colours is coming these people think they own the entire world. They must be having the thought of “bura Mat maano Holi hai” but come on you narrow minded people nobody has given you the right to harm anyone.

At first it took me friction of seconds to realise that what has happened with me but when I got into my senses I tried to note down the number of the car but I missed it. I tried to write down to the authority to increase women safety specially during this festive season but I didn’t find it of any use.

Still thinking am I safe or should I go back home? But why will I go because of some assholes. People have to wake up and realise the fact that everyone have their space and try not to cross your limits because you get pleasure out of all this.

No I am not looking for any sympathy but I am looking for some awareness, some sensible thoughts.

Feeing little relaxed after writing but I will not sit quiet.