My Sister

There is a woman I love, I call her my sister

We spent only two years, little time together

Yet, as the time passed we grew closer

On the first day in hostel, a late night conversation

Soon turned into an everyday session

That included foolish talks

As well as intellectual discourse

We shared stories

Of our childhood and friends

And dreams and past events

Each day, our small gestures

Brought us closer

Starting from sharing the delicious pastry

To each other’s clothes and jewelry

I remember,

Those long, boring nights

When we studied together

Without blinking our eyes

I treasure those times,

Those mini celebrations of chocolate pastries

And those weekends which were shopping sprees

She calls me her little sister

And I respect her like my elder sister

I always ran to her when I was lost

To seek her guidance and support

Our journey was not smooth but a little bumpy ride

No matter what we tried

We laughed, argued, fought and cried

Only to welcome each-other with arms open wide

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