Before commencing the development process, it is propitious to build the prototype of your application.Prototypes leverage knowledge in product development.It is a blueprint of the final product which give insight into the different functionality, appearance and use cases of the intended product.

A fair amount of prototyping tools are available, out of which one is proto.io which lets you create fully-interactive, clickable, high-fidelity prototypes and not just visual guides. It tremendously facilitates the building and sharing of prototypes with the end users, getting feedback from them and helps in incorporating user demands.

This is a follow-up to my previous blog, App Idea for Internship. Here I will share the prototype of my app KeepSafe.

Brief description of the 3 main activities -

  1. Add Password activity lets you add passwords for different accounts (Facebook, GitHub , Twitter etc.)

2. Search Password activity enables you to search passwords of different accounts.

3. Change Login Password activity lets you change the Master password i.e. one password using which you can access all your different passwords.

Next blog will be about Dual booting your system!