In my previous blog post, I had described about using Hasura Data API on my application’s Data Model. Now I will talk about Hasura Auth (Authentication) API. Hasura provides extensive API’s which makes the process of user- Registration, Login, Logout,Information Retrieval and Authentication facile! I will be using Postman app for testing the various auth API’s. Before that, please have a look on my previous blog post where I had described about the basic settings you need to make in Postman for testing API’s, using the below link-

Getting Started !

Head over to your Hasura Console and under Auth and User Management section you can find the external endpoint for using Hasura Auth services.

External endpoint for using auth services is highlighted

Using the External endpoint, in this case http://auth.c100.hasura.me/ , the API can be used and tested using Postman.

Brief description of some of the Auth API’s provided by Hasura-

  1. Registration — To register a user use the /signup endpoint.

2. Login- To login a user, use the /login endpoint.

3. Logout- To Logout a user use /user/logout endpoint

Resources for diving deeper into these Hasura Auth API’s -

  1. Hasura Docs

2. A video on User Management by Hasura

Thanks for reading !