Conscious Business Collaboration

It’s heart-warming to acknowledge that conscious business offshoots are alive, well and flourishing in the UK.

In the last 10 years I have had the privilege to work with many organisations and initiatives promoting more conscious forms of business. These have included the B Team, WBCSD, World Blu, Breakthrough Capitalism, Future 500, Sustainable Brands and 1% for the Planet. But what more could be done, if these organisations had the opportunity to collaborate together?

Yes, these and other such organisations have had success in collaborating across certain boundaries. But I believe there is the potential for something greater. And that is what Future Considerations, in partnership with Conscious Capitalism UK wish to explore. The potential for collective impact when conscious businesses collaborate and create together.

We are holding a one day event on the 22nd March to inquire around the central question: “What could we do together that we can’t do separately, to have the impacts that we desire?” And we are inviting business associations, entrepreneurs, business for ‘good’ movements and business leaders who wish to explore and co-create with us.

We are not seeking to create a new organisation nor asking anyone to join ours. There is no agenda. The output could be nothing. Or it could be everything.

The day will be facilitated by Gina Hayden, Clement Hopkin and Jennifer Wilson from Conscious Capitalism and Jon Freeman, Celine Mckeown and myself from Future Considerations.

Our intention is simply to hold a collective space true to the purpose and spirit of convening, collaboration and emergent conversations for new-economics and better business networks. And by holding space and encouraging quality conversations, we hope to facilitate the creation of extraordinary ways to collaborate and multiply the impact that we can have collectively on business and society.

So if you are a business leader, entrepreneur, leading a business for good movement or an individual mover and shaker please join us.

Book tickets on Eventbrite.

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