Why 2016 Isn’t The Year of The Third Party.
Peter Coffin

Well reasoned, fair. I think the most important thing for making third parties viable is getting away from “first past the post” ballot counting. Approval voting is my current favorite.

And it confuses the hell out of me that, even among the people shouting loudest about the corruption of the two-party system, we hear nothing on that front. I think the problem is that the spoiler effect is real, and asking for a change in the balloting tacitly admits to the fact.

Reforms of the mechanics of elections have been successful on the local level. Approval voting, jungle primaries, etc… I think the next step is to flip a state or two to using such systems, show that the world doesn’t catch fire.

But I’m not sure which states would be primed for it. Probably a swing state where third parties get a relatively large chunk of the vote.

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