Creating an iOS Framework with CookieCutter Swift
Thiago Lioy

Hey Thiago Lioy thanks for the tool and the article! I’m using it on production and I’m very happy.

After a couple of months with two frameworks without dependecies and shared as cocoapods internal, I need to add a couple of dependecies to one of them. I followed your example and everyhitng works fine for the framework. But now I need to distribuite it as carthage framework to my main project and everytime I need to add manually, in the main project, the dependencies of my framework, when I add a new one dependecy.

Is it correct?

For example:

I have a a custom NetworkLayerKit as framework and I want to add Unbox or Locksmith as Carthage dependencies. I use your suggestion and the Unit Tests work fine.

Then I add my NetworkLayerKit as Carthage in my Application, run the tests and I had always a `dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/Unbox` error. So I need to add manualy to the project, from Carthage/Build/iOS the dependencies of NetworkLayerKit to my Application project.

I hope my explanation it’s clear 😅

Thanks in advange for the help!