Ancient Races of the Star Wars Universe

Rakatan Race


The Rakata were a humanoid species that ruled the Star Wars Universe long before the formation of the Old Republic. They were tainted with power from the dark side of the force that made them turn into merciless warriors and everyone feared them in the known galaxy. The Rakatan species were from the planet Lehon which was located in the Unknown Regions. They were an amphibian-like species with tall craniums and were lean and had the same height. The Kwa taught the Rakatan species the ways of the force and gave them advanced technolog. But to the Kwa’s surprise, the Rakata learned the ways of the dark side and were a cannibalistic species. The Rakatan formed the Infinite Empire and ruled for hundreds of years before the Great 1000 year war. The Rakatan species collapsed before the Great War and had an impact in the Star Wars Universe we know of. They were known as the Builders who created weapons to rule the worlds that they conquered.

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