Ancient Races of the Star Wars Universe


The Kwa

The Kwa were an ancient species native to Dathomir in the Outer Rim. They were known for building the Infinity Gates and the Star Temples. The Kwa species were bipedal, three-meters tall, cobalt-blue- skinned saurians with telepathic abilities. They could also run really fast. Not much is know about the Kwa. They influenced the Rakata species to evolve and learn the ways of the force. But in doing so, they found out that the Rakatans turned on them to take the Infinity Gates and use them to expand the Rakatan Infinite Empire. The Kwa retreated back to their homeworld of Dathomir sealed the gate and set up guardians to protect the temple. The Kwa over time degenerated to become the Kwi species that the Star Wars Universe knows now.