Ancient Races of the Star Wars Universe



Killiks are an ancient and sentient insectoid species that was native to the planet Alderaan. Before any other species came to the planet aleraan, the Killiks disappeared and left behind great mound-like structures.

Killik mound-like structure
Alderaan (Homeworld to the Killik)

The Killiks species were a genetically diverse population of intelligent insects that their society being composed of hives known as nests. They possessed the capability to communicate through a variety of means such as pheromones, electromagnetic transmissions and lone distance telepathy. The Killiks varied in size meaning that some could grow as big as starships and some could be as small as mites. Some Killiks did have force sensitivity. Most of the Killik species were females with few males when a new nest was being created. Killik females could lay a thousand eggs a month. The larvae could grow into adulthood in less than a year and joined the workforce of the nest. It is believed that the Killiks helped to build Centerpoint station in the Corellian System. Several years after the Battle of Yavin, the Killiks reappeared in the known galaxy and started to expand their territory. They began the Swarm War between the Chiss Ascendancy and the Killiks by capturing the Galactic Alliance Victory-class Star Destroyer Admiral Ackbar. After the Swarm war, the Killiks returned to their original culture of peace and isolation back into the Unknown Regions.

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