Module 10 & 11: Creating Problem- Based assessment tasks

“ Assessment”

  • HSC
  • Exams
  • Pass or fail

What can you as preservice and beginning teacher, to challenge the traditional educational assessment?

  • Stop using pen and paper, by using technology students will be more confident to use applications rather then writing. When providing feedback, ensure that you include the things that you like as well as things they need/can improve on
  • The use of more open ended questions is needed for students to truly make progress. Open ended questions allow more then one answer which allows students to be wrong less and provide their view or perspective. When providing students with opened questions, never say their answer is incorrect or wrong. Accommodate for the students thinking and understand their reasoning before marking the student completely wrong.
  • Create assignments in Mathematics & Science that makes them be more creative. For example, allow students to design a bottle that makes the environment more sustainable.
  • Give constructive feedback that allows student to improve next time, by saying their answer is completely wrong students get very discouraged. Two stars and a wish is an effective marking tool, telling them two good things about their work and something their need to improve on allows their critical thinking to expand and ask themselves how could I do this better
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