NPM with proxy

Just a reminder.

Most of you will have to deal with that common issue when setting npm config for http or https downloads under Windows.

basic commands

npm config set proxy http://IP_PROXY:8080 
npm config set https-proxy http://IP_PROXY:8080

Proxy most of the time involves authentication with domain, login, password.

custom commands

npm config set proxy http://login:password@IP_PROXY:8080
npm config set https-proxy http://login:password@IP_PROXY:8080

Here an example with an arbitrary domain name AD:

npm config set proxy http://AD\login:password@IP_PROXY:8080


But OMG it won’t work because of ‘\’ character.


Solution is… to url-encode it with %5C like this:

npm config set proxy http://AD%5Clogin:password@IP_PROXY:8080
npm config set https-proxy http://AD%5Clogin:password@IP_PROXY:8080

Custom password or user might also force you to encode some characters.

Wish it will help some.

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