I guess it was mean’t to be…

Aug 25, 2015 · 2 min read

Name: Darvinder

Age: 29

Born in: Pune, India

I was born in a sikh family and I was introduced to the meaning of being a Sikh at an early age. Sikh means ‘to learn’ so I always looked at myself as a person who is a learner. Later, I learned that I just like the learner aspect of it and not the religious stuff but that is a different topic for a different day.

I was a good student in school but learning but never made ‘sense’ as they never told us the ‘why’ behind it. Wanting to make my parents proud, I was a good student in school but the question of what I was supposed to do or rather what ‘my thing’ was always bothered me.

I would ask questions but always used to get the same typical convoluted answers. I figured, I am a learner, right? So let me learn whatever that intrigues me and is fun. So when other friends were busy downloading movies, I was busy making learning resources available for me and learning from them.

The result? I became good at photography, web design, video editing, Maya character animation and photoshop (ended up learning the whole creative suite).

I knew very well that I am a creative person but could quite connect the dots at that point in time and then the times got tough and and I had to pay the bills. I started working in call centers and BPOs and the night shifts and the soul sucking nature of the jobs got to me. Getting kind of desperate I really hoped and wished for a big life change which will help me push the reset button on life.

That reset button was me moving to The States with my family. I started researching into the fields that would interest me as soon as I landed here and slowly but surely I got closer and closer to what I felt was ‘the thing’ for me. It was UX Design.

Curious as I was, I started learning more about it and the more I learned, the more I got excited about it. It fed perfectly into my creative, analytical and technical fancies and it took me a while to be sure that I am ready to take the leap to quit my job and do the UXDI full time course.

So does it mean that I can do all this stuff which makes use of all the skills I have learned in the past (and learn more exciting new ones) and I get to surround myself with other awesome creative people who I can learn and get inspired from?

Heck yeah! Please count me in fellas!


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    UX Designer | Researcher who loves taking pictures, riding his Boosted Board and indulging in DIY.