Why Do Developers Run Macs?
Cory House

Having enjoyable experience working with an iMac 27 for a couple of months, last month I decided to buy an ASUS Zenbook UX305CA over a Mac air. On paper, comparing specs, the zenbook won hands down. But in reality, overall experience of working with Mac OS X feels better.

A quick comparison: Both costed $900, the zenbook hardware quality is nothing less than the mac, it’s made of aluminium and has some perks like ICEpower (no heating at wrist resting area). The zenbook has 512 SSD M.2, while mac is at 128. It has an intel M7–6Y75 CPU, mac has an older gen. i5. Zenbook is equipped with 3200*1800 display and handles applications nicely both on Win and Ubuntu, but the downside is like what you mentioned, occasionally terrible handling of app sizes on multiple screens with diff DPIs. Battery lifetime is also up to 10 hours, almost same as the mac air.

I won’t say it was a regrettable choice, but not being able to try developing iPhone apps (especially with react native) is a downer.

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