Eco-Friendly Tips for a Natural Clean Kitchen

Follow these simple cleaning tips on your kitchen maintenance checklist, and if you want to get rid of dirt without using harsh chemicals and to use natural ways to clean your kitchen.

The sauce-splash microwave

We all easily forget to clean out the microwave which is an addictive kitchen appliance which gets quite a bit of daily use, so what happens to the stains which remain in the microwave. The splashes harden and stick, becoming tough to clean.

Try this: Take a sliced lemon and mix it with 75% water and fill it in a microwave-safe bowl. Then keep this mixing bowl in the oven for 5 minutes at high temperature. Use your oven mitts and remove the bowl after few minutes of heat up. By this way the stains are removed easily, not to mention the fresh smell that persists in your microwave.

Food-stuffed cast iron frying pan

Cast-iron frying pans are one of the kitchen resources. You can utilize them for cooking on the stove tops or baking cornbread or a frittata in the oven, so it’s common to find some sticky substance left behind. One thing you shouldn’t do is to never use soap or chemicals on your cast iron, and water that is not completely dried and will cause rust.

Try this: Drop one tablespoon of olive oil into your frying pan, and mix it with one tablespoon of salt. With this mixture and a clean cloth, scrub the skillet with this mixture and wipe out all the remaining salt with a clean cloth for a well-seasoned skillet.

Sticky floors and cluttered countertops

It doesn’t take much time to end up with a sticky floor or messy countertop from your kitchen adventures. How to clean kitchen countertops? Get a multi-use kitchen spray that’s strong enough for counters, stoves, ovens, and floors can be a lifesaver for various kitchen messes.

Try this: Make your own multi-purpose kitchen spray without chemicals. (This could potentially be used on your floors, but do some experimenting if you have wood or special laminate). This all-natural spray could also double as a bathroom cleaning aid.

Start saving all of your citrus peels (oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit) in a large glass jar. Depending on how much fruit you consume, this could take a little while.

Once you’ve packed your jar at least half a way, pour in enough white vinegar to cover your peels and fill the jar. Place the lid on the jar and store it in a dark area for at least two weeks. (Even longer is better).

After mixing, strain the peels from your citrus combination using a sieve, strainer or strong cheese cloth. Throw away the peels if you no longer need them.

Use a funnel to pour your remaining citrus mixture into a spray bottle and there’s the answer to “how to clean kitchen countertops.”

These are just a few ways to clean your kitchen without chemicals. I found these tips useful in my apartment in Anna Nagar and found it useful. Let us know what your favorites are, in the comments!