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Thank you for a view into a nightmarish dystopian hell. There’s a reason I refuse to live in a coastal city, where the rents are horrifyingly high. And idea of ‘the fridge as the downfall’ of community? If you hate modernity so much, there’s lots of wide-open space to become a mountain man (or woman). The flyover country so many coastal dwellers despise has plenty of room for human beings to live like human beings, instead of soulless empty cogs in the endless grinding machine of forced communal living.

While others find themselves crammed into spaces that are little more than a cot in a closet, I have a room in a house where I have privacy and can be alone. I have a refrigerator where I can keep food. I have a place to keep books. A life lived in a communal hell would deprive me of my precious books, and would be a heartless, soulless existence. At that point, I might as well be a filthy peasant living barely into my forties and performing backbreaking farming labor until I’m too crippled to move.

You can keep your piled-together hell. I will find space. I will find privacy.

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