Why Bill Nye Is Not A Scientist - And Why It Matters
G.S. Muse

The only thing Nye would be guilty of is if he misrepresents himself. You never state Nye claims to have advanced degrees; someone else does, but who cares what someone else thinks. There’s plenty of PhDs who aren’t worth listening to and have completely indefensible ideas, so I’m not at all bothered by a person’s credentials either way. You never describe anything Nye says in any media that is factually or scientifically incorrect. He’s perfectly within his rights to appropriate the label Science Guy without being a scientist simply because he explains science to the public. You’re making an ad hominem attack, which has nothing to do with the validity of what he’s saying. What matters is the content of one’s speech and character. As a contributor to the christian intellectual blog, your tortured attempt to cast shade on Nye suggests to me the blog’s title is unearned and undeserved based on your thinking and reason regardless of letters after your name (or lack of them).

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