Six things that going to happen with you then you will go to the rave for the first time

Last night I was for the first time at a rave. And it was brutal. As someone who never been to such an event before, I figured out things you need to keep in mind if you will be going to one. For ravers who did it all these observations could seem either obvious or naïve, but for the newcomers, I think it could be helpful.

1. A person next to you for sure going to fall. On you. And of course, your hair will be their life-saving rope. Help them out and braid them so it will be easier to catch and less painful for you. Or better, keep them pinned, if you want to save them.

2. Your fancy clothes will be soaked in other people’s sweat and torn in every possible direction; it will be a happy coincidence if nobody fell sick and decide to tell it to your clothes. (Forget your club dress and fancy jacket (I happen to wear both) at home and better wear something simple.)

3. At one point you will turn your head and see that there is an explosion what going to happen and you’ll be wound with at least the blast wave. Pray and move your legs fast, remember everything is an illusion especially a foothold.

4. At one point you are going to see a huge fat guy moving a crowd back with both hands and gaining strength for an epic slam. And he is right in front of you. And looking in your eyes. You can’t do anything about that now. Everything is predetermined. Everything in your life from now on is pointless. There is only your little body and this guy on his low start. Pray.

5. You’ll be pushed, slapped and punched from every possible side. Your ears will go deaf for a while. Your feet will hurt from jumping, stepping on by strangers, and walking on toes to keep them safe. If it’s a band with songs not only music, you’ll lose your voice. (what you can do about it? Well… nothing. Don’t stay too close to dynamics, but if everyone will shout the lyrics that wouldn’t help. Don’t shout that much to save the voice (but where’s the fun in that?). Wear snickers.)

6. Once, the crowd waves you out to the benches. It’s probably too late, but try to claim on them, it will give you air, space and a kick from behind. (When you’ll walk on the dance floor; try to search for something high: benches or raised platforms. It’ll save you from crazy ones, slack legs and be seeing someone’s backs instead of the stage.)

Despite all the hard details and some painful kicks, the rave is the most fun and freeing and cleansing consciousness way to spend your weekends. It is lots of energy, happy people, music and sense of unity.

Everyone should do it at least once in their life.

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