Semi-Hanna’s in Sto.Domingo,Ilocos Sur

Visit now,take the best shot’s of it!

“Place not to forget to visit, come now!”, the entrance for semi-Hanna’s,okay lets find out.
The arc of Barangay Pangpangdan, this is not the original and it was changed during the term of Captain Soliven.
This is the view deck sight where the tourist go to watch the sunset. Every weekends a lot of person go here to take selfie and captures the sunset.
Nature always wears the colors of spirit.That is main entrance and beside it the parking area that is being constructed.
“Clean and Green for nice vacation place”.That was the restaurant constructed that will be open soon on December I think.
The stone made giraffe,before it was located in the municipal plaza but it was moved beside the sea shore for tourist attraction and serve as playground.
The Barangay chapel,every third Saturday of the month will be the mass.The chapel was reconstructed by the aid of Cong.Ronald Singson.
This is the Barangay hall and serve also as their session hall.Then as you can see it also here are the incumbent barangay officials.
Yes to SPORT no to DRUGS.Every barangay have a great players that serve as representative for their town. A great example is Mr.Arquero who played at Emilio Aguinaldo College in NCAA. That’s why our barangay always conducted a tournament during December and also for selection of players who will represent our barangay.
“Education is the key to success”. This is the Cirilo Rabanal Elementary School, way back 2014 this was only a primary school but due to a lot of students here they add grade 5 and 6.
This is the road go to the view deck, then some other people go here for exercise,like jogging,biking and zumba dance. Every afternoon there’s a Zumba dance conducted here.
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