May 9th 1990; the date when the first trademark for a Pokémon character was made by Nintendo

Pokémon has become one of the greatest ironies during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may be reading this while you’re in lockdown, or long after the world has healed, but going outside and meeting people is one of life’s luxuries that many are yearning for at the time of writing.

Cast your mind back to when creator Satoshi Tajiri was thinking up the Pokémon series in the late eighties. The main idea came from his hobby of collecting insects as a child, and as the years passed, how urban structures would take over the fields and parks, reducing the insects. …

Featuring interviews with Nigel Kitching (script writer for Sonic the Comic) and Stealth (co-creator of Sonic Mania)

Sonic the Hedgehog is ingrained in most gamers’ minds; just as much as other iconic video game characters like Mario or Crash Bandicoot. He definitely occupies a permanent place in mine, in large part because Sonic the Hedgehog kicked off my interest in games as a whole. It also influenced where I am today.

I can still remember the exact date: 25th December 1994.

I couldn’t believe it as I unwrapped a box that revealed a Sega MegaDrive (Genesis in North America), MegaGames 1, EA Sports Double Header (containing EA Hockey and John Madden Football), and Sonic the Hedgehog 3…

A deep dive into the history — and future — of Tomb Raider according to both its fans and creators

This single tweet put me off from finding out more about the latest entry in the rebooted Tomb Raider series (now about to be re-released for Google’s Stadia platform):


People are always waiting for the next big thing. That wait — and the tantalising possibilities that come with a major reveal event — can fill an audience with curiosity and wonder. What will be the next big film? Album? Book? TV show? How about the next major interactive experience?

The PlayStation’s future is black

In March 1999, revealed the PlayStation 2, its vision of the next-generation in interactive entertainment.

Games had successfully entered the general public’s consciousness in the ’90s with the debut of the sixth generation of consoles. Lara Croft had become a staple of the medium, alongside Mario, Sonic and even…

Over the past couple of years, I’ve read and heard constantly of what people want as ‘the next big thing’.

Maybe we’ve all been spoilt over what has been given to us, in the form of iPhones, iPods, and better access to our favourite TV Shows and Movies. We just want the next big thing, no matter what it is.

And we’ll all probably just pass it off and want something else, something more.

But I don’t think that the true big thing is coming for a long while yet.

And it definitely won’t be a watch or a television.

Daryl Baxter

Freelance Writer, Podcaster & Copywriter. Book 1 is out at the end of 2021. Twitter: @darylbaxter

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