psychiatric drugs are now used to chemically castrate paedophiles

I was 9 years old. Tourette’s Syndrome and OCD was the excuse used to drug me with horrendous psychiatric drugs. Under the guise of a new phenomenon program the state national health service called Mental Health. And I definitely fitted the bill, I was Mentally Unhygienic. And these drugs under the state guided protocol, one that a robot could fill out, with the input of ask and answer questions were billed as the new latest great scientific thing that would fix the un-hygiene in me. Antipsychotics (risperidone) for Tourette’s Syndrome and Antidepressants (seroxat) for OCD. With science. I do not for a minute suggest that living as myself with tics and all under duress is easy. But that was used merely as the excuse to drug me. It was entirely the act of a merciless predator. With a deceitful face.

As I fast forward a decade on my genitals and erections cease and go numb, anesthetized like a horror movie. Like thousands of unknown others around the world this ends up being permanent, permanent sexual disfigurement. The doctors have science and claim this is harmless, clearly receiving orders from the ‘state above’, just like before. Unbeknownst to me the UK government have been using ‘Antipsychotics’ and ‘Antidepressants’ for a while now in a scheme called ‘chemical castration’ on paedophiles. A deserving audience in my opinion. However unlike me and millions of others, their participation is voluntary.

But not for me. But not for me.

I was nearly an adult, now I will never be. I was nearly a man, now I’ll never be. I was nearly a human, now what am I? I just want to be free. I just want to continue, to be me.

PSSD (Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction) is a term coined from permanent sexual dysfunction caused by psychiatric drugs. It happens to both men and women. I write a blog called Sterilising the mentally ill where I have documented these crimes interviewing people.

The Adverse effect charity are also at the moment running a $100,000 dollar prize fund campaign collection, that will be on offer in return for the cure for PSSD. A novel idea, being a new experiment, where if it proves to be a successful model, will inspire drug companies to provide real solutions that consumers demand. In contrast (and opposed) to the current model modus of operendum in which drug companies currently make people more sick so they will take more pills.

Please share and spread this vastly censored PSSD awareness and help pledge a little something to reach our cure campaign prize target total.