Week 1: Learning Experience And Introduction to UX Design

=> Knowing each other in the course group, brief introduction to course projects and schedule, as well as communication channels available for interaction.

=> UX Design comprises of the following areas and has a well-balance skill set in these disciplines: 1) Research, 2) Usability, 3) Information Architecture, 4) Interaction Design, 5) Visual Design & 6) Content.

=> The important of User Research: To collect and understand users behaviors, analyzing information collected based on their Activities, and the Context of those activities.


=> USER INTERVIEWS is one of the methods of collecting information, as it is one-on-one discussion, and we can gather rich and targeted information on our research topic.

User Interviews can be performed using using 4 lists helps in formulating questions and conducting interviews:
1) Pains
2) Pleasures
3) Contexts (Where, When)
4) Behaviors
Some DOs and DON'Ts during interviews:
DOs - ask for permission if we want to record the interview
- prepare discussion guide and focus on topic
- take notes
- focus on specific instance like asking
"tell me about the last time..."
- always prompt for supporting evidence on their stands
DON'TS   - avoid biased questions like "Don't your agree that..."
- do not interrupt


Consolidate, Analyzing and Organization of Information

• Consolidate and group data collected on sticky notes.
• Arrange, organise and analyse Post-interview with Affinity diagrams / mapping.
• Conclude 3 most important points out of the interviews, and derive Problem statement and design direction.


Turning interviews into Design

• Define objective / goal
• Sketch the flow diagram and design
• Best way to describe a User Experience is to create a Storyboard and follow by a prototype
• Conduct the Usability testing on the prototype
• Refine prototype based on the Usability testing to 

Project 1 —

Designing Mobile App for News Aggregator

Design Exploration


UX/UI Designer

User Interviews:

Conducting user interviews

Based on organising, grouping, mapping affinity and analysing information collected from user's interview sessions, 3 most important points to take away were:

1) not enough time to read a full article news, as users only have limited time to read news headlines in the morning while they preparing for work

2) availability of news when they want to read

3) looking for relevant content

=> Problem statement derived as: • From the interviews, I have learnt that a common problem among the users I interviewed is that they are interested to know the latest news the moment they woke up in the morning. • They will choose to read a small part of a piece of news, as they only limited time while preparing to go for work.

• And will tend to search the same piece of news which they interested in to read in more details during lunch time or after work.

Their Dream application:
Scenario: when waking up in the morning, allow user to read the latest news headlines, and let them to save to their reading list so that they can read in details later at their own free time.

Main feature: to have a "Save to reading list" function at any navigation point in the mobile app, which allow user to add to their
reading list with just 1 step instead of few steps.


After conducting research based on the user interviews, I discovered that out of 4 users that I interviewed, all of them will read news headlines the first thing they woke up in the morning. While they are preparation for work, they only have limited time to read part of the news article, and will tend to look for the same piece of news to read in more details when they have time during lunch or after work.

It would be great if user can quickly add the news to their reading list in just a single step, so that they can access tot he news later to read in more details.


Using the user's personas as guidance, I drew the flow diagram and storyboard down the design, and created the paper prototype.

With references to some of the news aggregator available, the first version of design I created a "Add to reading list" icon that user have not seem before. I also created a sub-menu on the top right hand corner that request user to activate and before they can add to reading list.

As a result from the usability testing with 3 users, all of them do not understand the function of the icon "Add to reading list", and finds too many steps in order to add a article to reading list for later reading.

There were few rounds of iterations to the design after conducting 3 rounds of Usability testing with different users.


With feedbacks collected from the usability testing, I was able to iterate my design and present to user with an improved, easy to understand icon, and allow user to add news article to reading list in just a single click.

Prototype on POP

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