[Day 6] Finding Your Tribe

I'm sure you've heard of the saying you are who you hang with, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, and sayings like that. Wise words from our elders. It still holds truth. Day 6 challenge is Find 1 or 2 people who are living the kind of life you want to live, and whose tribe you’d love to be part of. Then write a short post about why you find them inspiring and the one question you would ask them if you met in real life.
This isn't gonna be long at all, im sure we all have one person in mind. I have two that I would like to share.

My first would have to be Dwayne " The Rock" Johnson. He has been one of my favorite wrestlers since I was little and he has alot of inspirational moments. I remember when he lost a title match to John Cena that I knew he should have won. It blew my mind, and that was the last time I remember watching wrestling. He's the highest paid male actor and he seems like he can work with anyone. If I could ask him one question, I would ask what motivates him besides his fans to go hard everyday. I would love to be part of his tribe. I think movies is a reflection of his life, but his people skills and his style of dress is cool calm, collective until he plays the bad guy in a movie. Plus we have the same last name. 
 The second person who is living the kind of lifestyle I want is Robert Downey Jr. He may not be as "big" of an actor as The Rock, but the role he plays as Ironman will always be memorable to me. Not only does he play a super tech genius, but he is the best dressed in all the movies he plays in. Off set, he is a comic geek and he has a good sense of humor. If i could ask him one question, I would ask how can you keep up with fashion, but still have such a unique style.
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Daryl Johnson

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6