Eliminating Bad Habits

(Thoughts from Monday 10/17/16

I’ve decided to keep a closed in personal lifestyle for the one purpose to “edit” my life. I love myself so I’m taking small things out of my daily routine to make my life better. One of the things I’ve decided to eliminate is a personal account on Facebook. The reason I did this is because I have a bad habit of looking at post after post after post just to waste time.

Let’s go back in time for a lil bit back to the old days where children got paddled in school. Back then, children were disciplined by their teachers and parents. I’m glad I wasn’t in those times, but if I were I’d be a whole lot more attentive, disciplined, and mature than I am now.

At work, the only reason we should have restrictions, rules, and regulations is to protect us from harm or being mistreated. Same at school, but I figured that talking about these forms of guidelines and discipline you can introduce Eliminating Bad Habits.

These examples are just a few ways of eliminating bad habits. I use to starve myself when I was little because my brothers caller me chubby. I managed to curve my weight for the better and prevent problems in the future. Not everyone can do that but to some degree, we can change one bad habit we don’t like.

Take away whatever is feeding your bad habit and you will see your real problem. Eating wasn’t my problem, not watching what I ate was. Facebook isn’t my problem, staring at other people’s post about their problems was my problem. I can already feel a weight being lifted.

Daryl Johnson