It’s a little… early to be talking about thanksgiving but everyday is truly a day to be thankful for. Time to stop being so consumed with problems that you can’t control. Start focusing on the things that mean the most and be appreciative.

I was so miserable this past weekend and it would probably lead on into this coming week but I had a change of heart. Friday, I got into a terrible wreck. With my brother’s driving and me in the passenger seat, there is no way my brother was at fault. The guy who ran the stop sign rammed into the front right end of my brother’s car. Both airbags deflated and I was stunned for a second. Then I gazed at my brother hoping that he was alright. We both made it out the car and we only suffer from minor pains.

I saw what could have happened and still have a little anger. Now, I am just thinking on if I just be thankful for every single moment I’m living. Knowing God is watching over me is a good feeling, because even though I don’t think I deserve his protection he loves my brother and I enough to show us he loves us no matter what.

Not only am I thankful I wasn’t killed, but I’m thankful for the church family and church that I attend. It finally feels like my home church again after 5–6 months of not being there. I look forward to monday because I survived the weekend and every monday is a sign now that I have Victory over what could have been.

Daryl Johnson